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One-Off Project Services

A one-off project is a business term used to describe a project that is unique and is not expected to be repeated. It is a single, standalone task or event that has a specific goal and timeline. This type of project is often used to complete a specific task or solve a specific problem, and is usually not part of an ongoing process. It is typically used to address a specific need or opportunity that arises and requires immediate attention. One-off projects are often used to test a new concept or technology, or to explore a new market or opportunity. They are also used to develop a new product or service, or to improve an existing one. The success of a one-off project is usually measured by its ability to meet the specific goal it was designed to achieve.

Types of one-off project services

Below is a list of one-off project services:

Project management services
HVAC and air-conditioning system supply, installation and commissioning
Fit-out management services
Security systems supply, installation and commissioning
Mechanical, electrical, plumbing system supply, installation and commissioning
Building civil, infrastructure and architectural works including masonry, painting, carpentry and water proofing / water leak rectification works

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