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AC Duct Robotic Cleaning

It is a well-known fact, that ventilation systems are installed in buildings in order to ventilate the rooms. The system is designed to supply or extract acertain amount of air to the rooms. Even with filters fitted to the system, it can not be ensured that some contaminants will come into the system. Contaminants are accumulated throughout the years, and can after several years build to a substantial amount. The consequence is that the system may not work as designed. If the system, besides transportation of fresh air, also serves to heat/cool the rooms, it might become difficult to regulate. The accumulated dust creates a basis for bacteria and fungi. These might, within time, free themselves from the duct, and be transported into the ventilated rooms.

Advantages of Robotic Duct Cleaning and Inspections

The robot records, in real time, the actual conditions within the interior of the ducts, helping technicians decide on the appropriate actions to clean the ductwork.
Greater access and mobility helps to ensure that inspections are completed in the most thorough manner, while simultaneously providing our clients with accurate documentation of the state of the interior of their duct systems.
In addition to increased accessibility, robotic duct cleaning and inspection also better ensures that particulate air pollutants are effectively removed from their often gaseous medium in the ventilation system.
The use of robotics and its powerful duct cleaning and inspection projects can be augmented with the help of our high resolutions boroscopes and high intensity lighting.
The use of robot reduces the extent of labor involved in the cleaning process, which can aid in the reduction of cleaning costs associated with traditional duct cleaning.

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